Terri The Contract Killer


Welcome to the world of desires.
I reach deep into the subconscious of your mind and turn your whole life upside down. Im, a contract killer for hire. I can be your accomplice or take over the deeds. I will leave nothing to the imagination as I dig deep carrying out your very fantasy. Age play has no limits no restrictions just pure unadulterated fun.

Dabble in a little bit of snuff mm good a little blood play never hurt the soul. Maybe you have a wife or GF that is just too needy. Let’s have our way with her teaching and torturing that very being. Death is only a part of life the rest is going beyond


Available hours are from 10am - 10pm est Sun - Tues -Thurs- Fri and Sunday.

Saturday & Wednesday is by appointment only

               Age play
          Rape Fantasy

Billed Discreetly as BYB Incorporated/Web tokens
All calls are billed by the minute $2.50 US | $3.50 Int & Canada –We Take It All–

with a 10 minute minimum

13 mins for $28.00
usa only one per day